Thank you for enrolling via PayPal

Thank you for enrolling via PayPal

Here’s how you finish enrollment:

1. Fill out the Enrollment Form.

2. Review the Terms and Conditions before continuing on with the payment.

3. Email the following to (Subject: Enrollment for [service paid for])

     – Student’s full name      – Landline and/or mobile number      – School      – Mode of Payment (which is PayPal)      – Chosen review schedule with its corresponding venue

      – Attached filled Enrollment Form\

*If you have done these steps before paying, please disregard

We will send you an acknowledgement email to confirm that we have received the enrollment requirements. We would also need you (for those of legal age) or a parent or legal guardian to come to the center at least one day before the review program to sign the Terms and Conditions.

For any questions, kindly email