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‘Tis the season for College Entrance Tests (CET) again. At this time, you can find two sets of students—the strategist and the risk-taker. The strategist is the type who likes to plan ahead; he has answers to various scenarios and knows what to do in difficult situations.pexels-photo-267885 He knows what to do if ever he does not pass his dream university, as well as which school to choose if he passes all entrance tests. On the other hand, the risk-taker is the complete opposite. He only takes one test; he has the ‘all-or-nothing’ attitude. While this is a brave move, it is also not the wisest thing to do. Here’s why:

1. Different Schools, Different Standards
The truth is different schools have different criteria in judging your qualifications, meaning, the CET results may not be the ultimate basis for admission. While some schools look at your CET results, others focus on other factors like High School grades, socio-economic background, deportment, and the like. The sure way to get accepted in your dream school is to meet all standards, which is quite risky.

2. High Demand, Low Supply
Keep in mind that there are only a limited number of slots for incoming freshmen in all colleges. No matter how much the latter would like to accept all enrollees, it is simply impossible given various constraints such as the capacity of classrooms, availability of teachers, and so on. Simply put, the competition among students is high and the wisest thing to do is to have a back-up plan. It would be best to think about your top three choices now.


3. Tick-Tock: The TIME Factor
Keep in mind that colleges only give entrance tests in a particular period. It is best to maximize this time by taking the CET of at least 3 schools. This way, even if you do not get accepted in your first choice, you can start your freshman year at your second or third choice without any delays. You do not have to wait for the following year to take the CET of other prestigious schools.

4. Exposure
Taking more than one CET also exposes you to other school environments. Who knows, maybe your preferences and priorities will change because of this exposure. By actually being in other colleges, you can clearly see their culture, character, and technological development which may contribute to your decision-making process. By knowing these factors, you can confidently choose the right school for you.

Good luck! Choose to plan AHEAD!

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