IMG_0654It’s tough work for students to get into their dream university, especially when admission is quite competitive. Some students, however, are so committed to fulfilling their dreams that they chose to prepare for their college entrance tests in one of the the best review centers in the country. AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center is all about continued educational growth, aiding students to achieve their academic goals. Here, students share their AHEAD experience and the benefits they reaped from preparing for the challenging college entrance exams with the country’s leading review center.

I learned about AHEAD through my brother and cousin. They said taking AHEAD’s review program was worth it. The lecturers were even better than some of our teachers in school. The test-based program motivated me to study. It was challenging, but I also found it motivating. It was really helpful! It made me aware about what I needed to do for the admission tests. It made me realize that I really needed to study and work harder to get into my dream school.”–Carlo Jardeleja, Ateneo de Iloilo

I feel more confident to take the college entrance test, and I know that AHEAD has prepared me well. The materials provided are very helpful. Mind Mapping and Smart Reading are effective tools for thinking and composing essays. AHEAD has a conducive center for studying and has a great atmosphere for learning.”–Pauline Quanico, Miriam College High School

I chose AHEAD because most people who studied in AHEAD were able to get into their first choice of university. The lecturers were very experienced with their respective subjects and courses. The exams were challenging but helpful and complete. AHEAD helped me become mentally prepared for the exams.”–Isabella Bondoc, Saint Pedro Poveda College

I had so much fun at AHEAD because our class had different themes every day. The teachers were friendly and they really know what they are talking about.  The classes were fun but practical and helpful. AHEAD shows you a different way of learning.”–Paola Reyes, Assumption College San Lorenzo

I chose AHEAD over other review centers because of the high passing rate of students. The lecturers were experienced and they taught us helpful test-taking tips. These techniques helped me to organize my thoughts and gave me confidence to take the entrance exams. I became efficient in terms of learning.”–Anne Therese S. Ty, Father Saturnino Urios University

I consider being able to have friends from distant places a memorable experience enrolling at AHEAD. It most probably prepared me in the future course I’ll be taking up in college. The whole program helped me improve my study habits. And I was able to familiarize myself with topics I didn’t know.”–Dominque Napiza, Canossa Academy

The review course boosted my self-confidence and lessened my doubts and worries. I was able to refresh my mind with the past lessons in school and I’ve also learned other lessons. The review pushed me to do my best in the entrance tests.”–Cirila Sahagun, Dominican College San Juan

The review made me ready for complicated questions. It made me more competitive with my grades and to pass the exams. The test-based program reviewed me about precise topics; it was very helpful. AHEAD is ahead of other review centers.”–Siena Chavez, International Baptist College

These students took AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center college entrance test review programs. This season, AHEAD is introducing the most intensive review program in the industry today: the AHEAD UP, Ateneo, De La Salle Premium Review. Specifically developed to help get students into the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila, and De La Salle University, it has a money back guarantee for students who don’t gain admission to any of these top three universities. Want to know more? Inquire at

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