Whether doing research for a couple of term papers or preparing for oral examinations, the pressures of academic life are an unpleasant fact all students have to face. Since most students have to take subjects not related to their field, some may excel in certain subjects while having problems with others. As academic requirements become more stringent with each passing semester, some students might find it increasingly difficult to cope with the stress.

Apart from the pressures pertaining to academics, students also have to deal with the campus social environment, especially when it comes to their desire to belong and be accepted by their peers. This is evident in the many extracurricular activities participated in by students in the hope of gaining a semblance of popularity in campus.

How then can a student manage the stress brought about by the pressures of the campus environment, both academic and social?

  • A student must learn how to manage his academic requirements and extracurricular activities, says AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center tutor Kristine Tria He must allot a certain amount of time for studies and research alongside his sports and social events. In turn, these blocks of time can be broken down to more manageable levels giving him the opportunity to focus on problem areas.
  • A student must learn how to organize his academic goals according to the priorities set for the semester.
  • A student must keep a regular schedule for both term paper deadlines and examinations. He should update it regularly, so that he can organize his academic itineraries more effectively.
  • A student must be aware of his learning style. He must be able to pinpoint his strengths and weaknesses. He must be aware of the kind of learning tools and techniques that work well for him.
  • A student must think positive. It would help for the student to develop a sense of optimism when approaching his studies. To complement such positive outlook, visualizing himself achieving his academic goals would help.

A student must get enough rest. It would also help for him to have a positive and relaxing study environment, giving him a sense of ease and confidence.

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