Sources and Reference

AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center uses the following sources and reference in developing its exam preparation materials:

GRE and TOEFL – ETS: –

PhilSat –



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Our Review Programs are designed to help students get into the university of their dreams. Our programs help students focus on their lessons, guide them towards topics to be studied, provide them with the right reference materials, and motivate them to study harder.

Single course review classes are around 40 hours-long. Package review (a combination of UPCAT, ACET, and DCAT review) is 88 hours-long. Premium review spans for about 124 hours. AHEAD’s Premium review is a more extensive program compared to our other review programs. We make sure that the student gets all the tools necessary to pass at least one college entrance exam. The student will get additional exercises and supplementary review sessions. The Premium review also has a money-back guarantee. To know more about AHEAD’s Premium review, click here. We offer an Honors Class Review Program for students who obtained an overall score of 60% and above in the UPCAT Diagnostic Exam. Students in the Honors Class undergo a complete review program at a much faster pace. At AHEAD, we do not discuss all topics taken in high school; only those that will come out in each particular exam. This way, you can make the most out of each review session. You may now enroll in the UPCAT, ACET, and DCAT Review 2018 and avail of our early bird rates!