We have our science subjects to thank for most of the general knowledge we currently have whether it be from general science, biology, chemistry, physics, or the other branches. It is our science teachers who first taught us about matter, the planets, and animals. They also taught us about the human body, laws of motion, and technically everything under and even beyond the sun. They were the ones who made us understand what things were and the processes they undergo through. Most importantly, they gave us the ability to discover and experience things on our own. It is no wonder that science is considered to be one of the most important subjects taught in school. Here are some things commonly said or done by students that science teachers usually debunk or advice against.

  • “Science is boring. It’s all about memorization.”

Science may be about facts, theories, and experimentation; but it is something that requires the imagination as well. Most people perceive science as nothing but hard science, a subject so calculated and unchanging. But if you have had at least one amazing science teacher, you would know that science is everything, but boring. Science teachers introduce us into a world open for exploration and that moment when you start to discover and understand new things is just extraordinary. Sure, it may be tough to memorize technical scientific terms, but the knowledge we get over a lifetime will make it worth it all.

  • “Oh what is this? Let me try to mix it with this, or maybe heat it using the alcohol lamp.”

When there’s a science class, there are sure to be experiments! Most students find it really fun being in the laboratory and using various tools and chemicals or whatnot, but some students get a little too excited. Once the laboratory papers are all filled up, it is so tempting to experiment on our own with all the things on our table, but science teachers are very strict when it comes to this. They are not doing it to ruin our fun, but they are protecting our safety and everyone else’s for that matter.

  • “Why do I have to study science? I don’t want to be a doctor anyway.”

Science is not just for doctors; it is applied in almost all the things we use and all the things we do. You are going to need at least a basic knowledge of science in whatever profession you choose to engage in. Science teachers not only want us to learn science, but they want us to understand why we need it and the actual beauty of the subject. It may or may not be your favorite subject in school, but it is definitely among the most useful ones there is.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the value of science teachers. The fact that they choose to spend their lives imparting knowledge to generations upon generations of students is truly remarkable. Science in itself is already interesting, and having our science teachers there to guide us along the way makes it even better. It is definitely not too late to better appreciate your science teachers, the subject, and everything they have to offer. Never ever stop being curious; and when you are, know that science has your back.

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