color1When you think of the colors maroon, blue, and green, you’ll most likely associate these colors with the school you plan to enroll in. It’s like choosing the family or team that you want to belong to. Once you get out of the confines of your campus, your school color defines you––it’s an association you cannot easily shed.

The country’s top universities offer an unmatched educational experience. They offer the best platform for learning. They usually have the best faculty, many of whom have years of experience in their respective fields. They also have quality infrastructure to boot. They are not recognized as top universities without basis. Ateneo de Manila University (blue), De La Salle University (green), and University of the Philippines (maroon)–these universities have continuously garnered a high ranking among educational institutions worldwide.

Let’s face it, people put a premium on what school you belong to. Being part of the blue, green, or maroon family gains you admission to better-paying jobs, helps you acquire valuable business deals, and does wonders for your personal and career networks.

What do these colors mean?

The Maroons, or those from the University of the Philippines, are immersed in the real world. They are exposed to a highly competitive atmosphere of learning. Most people recognize UP students to be imbued with a deep sense of love for country. UP students are trained to be critical thinkers, updated on social issues. Graduates of the University of the Philippines are natural leaders, and excel in such fields as medicine, agriculture, marine science, and engineering.

The Blue camp, or the Ateneans, are said to be “Men for Others.” Ateneo de Manila’s curriculum focuses on humanities and social sciences, with students encouraged to lead their lives in the pursuit of excellence. Ateneans are not only known to be good communicators, they are also well-rounded individuals, excelling in sports and extracurricular activities. The university has produced countless visionaries in law, education, politics, and business.

The Green Archers, or the Lasallians, are known to be outstanding in the fields of engineering, computer science, business, and accountancy. They have a global perspective on business and are considered innovative entrepreneurs. Most of their students are the children of the country’s most successful businessmen.

So what color are you aiming for? Is it Maroon, Blue, or Green?

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