If you are a student preparing for the college entrance examination, chances are stress has settled in and you are a nervous mess. No doubt about it, entrance examinations may be intimidating, even demanding and nerve-racking.

But with the perfect review plan, enough determination and a good head on your shoulders, a college entrance examination should be anything but a chore.

Here are some useful tips on preparing for and acing that entrance exam, as shared by Rhea Reburiano of Ahead Tutorial and Review Center:

Map out a review plan

In mapping out a review or study plan, it is important that you budget your time reasonably. By doing so, you will be able to prioritize heavier subjects like Mathematics and Science as you allot sufficient time to study them.

After each review session, take time to assess yourself by taking practice exams. Practice exams will help you determine the subject areas you need to concentrate more on and will also help you gauge how far you have gone in your reviewing. Most importantly, a carefully mapped out review plan will lessen your chances of cramming.

Engage in a group study

There is nothing better than performing a seemingly tough task with a group of people. Engaging in a study group is useful because the people you study with may also serve as a support system, you acquire not just additional knowledge but also the inspiration to push more to succeed.

Tutorial centers like AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center conduct review classes which motivate students to a common goal passing those college entrance exams and getting accepted in their coveted schools.

All work and no play makes any Jack a dull boy

Take time off from hectic studying from time to time and involve yourself in mental and physical activities. Physical exercise can help you clear your head and is actually useful in keeping you sharp and on the ball. This is because physical activities increase the flow of oxygen into your brain and is known to even improve concentration and memory retention.

Mental activities, on the other hand, like solving a crossword puzzle and reading a good book, train and test your memory while helping you concentrate more and even increase your brain reflection speed.

On the day itself

Make sure that you do not pull an all-nighter reviewing the night before your scheduled exam. Get a sufficient 8-hour night’s rest and start the day with a good, high protein breakfast, a proven memory-booster. A good night of sufficient sleep is vital as sleep serves to preserve and process information gained while you’re awake.

Lastly, nothing beats a good and positive attitude. With positive thinking, you can somehow convince yourself that you can perform at your best. Visualize success and sure enough, with adequate and keen preparation, it is right within your reach, says Teacher Rhea.

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