The Christmas season has officially arrived! The season of giving has now given ninangs and ninongs around the metro the problem of what to give their godchildren. Have no fear! Here are some practical ideas for all the parents and godparents struggling to find the best gifts. Hope you enjoy Christmas shopping!

Tech for Students

External Drives are a lifesaver

Technology for children goes beyond the simple laptop-smartphone-tablet trio. A good example of this is the Livescribe 3. This smartpen writes like any other ink pen but when paired with its specialty paper, notes are instantly sent as a digital image to a smartphone. Moleskin also has Smart Writing Set that offers the same results. Alternatively, you may also give them portable hard drives. With everything digital nowadays, having a handy storage device is a must for every student, especially when transferring files. Also. unlike USB flash drives, an external drive can serve as a backup for all your laptop files, in case something goes wrong.

Notebooks and Stationery

Notebooks are really helpful for students

For the more traditional students who prefer notebooks, there are tons of awesome looking notebooks that would suit every kind of personality. Fully Booked offers tons of choices. You can even package these notebooks with different pens, highlighters, markers, post-its, and all kinds of things that can help your godchild be organized. After all, learning to be organized is key, for it can help them in any track they end up pursuing.

Also, your godchild can even use the stationery you give him/her as a journal, thus jumpstarting a potential writing career. This is because journals are not only for recording daily events, but a journal is also a useful place to keep one’s writing portfolio in. Heck, a budding writer can keep multiple notebooks, one each per genre. for their portfolio, which he/she can use to back up his/her resume.

A Good Book

A good book is one that challenges accepted perspectives or adds more input in its field

Another practical gift to give your children/godchildren is a good book. It does not have to be a novel or an encyclopedia set. A good book is any text that can enrich a child’s knowledge, or for the older students, a good book challenges accepted perspectives or adds new knowledge to their field of specialization. Knowledge is the perfect gift to give, not just during Christmas, but anytime, for it is worth more than money.

The Gift of Education

There is nothing more practical than giving your godchild the gift of education. With the school curriculum getting more complex, especially with the K-12 education reform and CHED’s new General Education curriculum, academic help is not only for the struggling learners but also for excellent students who want to remain ahead of the rest.

AHEAD’s gift card is perfect for young learners

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Edited by Daniel Francisco P. Del Rosario

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