College offers education that’s tailored to suit your career plans and train you for real life. However, before you can breathe the air of university life, you must go through the dreaded college entrance exam, says AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center President Rossana Llenado.

Experiencing exam jitters is quite common among high school seniors, but too much of it can hamper you from reaching your full potential. When taking an exam, Llenado says nothing is more important than coming in with a focused and calm mind. Here, Llenado shares some tips to get rid of exam jitters:

  • Don’t deprive yourself of sleep. Most students stay up late to study for finals or to finish projects. While there is nothing wrong with studying as much as you can, depriving yourself of sleep can lead to an unfocused mind. Make a study schedule so you can allot the proper time for studying and for sleeping.
  • Avoid too much caffeine. Students tend to binge on caffeine and food with high sugar content. This is not advisable, especially before exam day. Contrary to popular belief, caffeine does nothing for your concentration. If anything, it may make you even more anxious. Plus, Llenado says the excess energy caffeine gives makes you crash the moment you need to stay awake. If you need to pull an all-nighter, go for alternatives that wouldn’t make you palpitate. Try to heighten your senses by lighting candles with citrus, peppermint, or cinnamon scents. These have been proven to improve alertness and focus.
  • Try yoga. Working out helps you to stay more alert during the day. Opt for relaxing workouts that will improve your general well-being and increase your mental focus. Meditation and yoga do wonders for the mind and body. Before going to school, stretch those muscles to wake you up. Allot some time for meditation as well, so that you can brace yourself for the exams.
  • Rid yourself of negative thoughts. The prospect of failing can cause anyone to panic. However, filling your head with negative thoughts can destroy your focus. It is important to project confidence and focus on positive thoughts.

While these tips can do wonders for your grades, nothing can beat the power of studying, says Llenado. Reinforce your confidence by learning your material. Organize your notes and review your readings. Good luck!


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