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Exams are something every student has to prepare for. While reviewing for exams is no easy task, there are ways to give your mind the best training ground possible, say the tutors of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center.

Study in a room that is clean and orderly. Reading your notes and absorbing the necessary information deserve your undivided attention. Imagine yourself trying to hit a target, but the area is cluttered with distracting objects, throwing off your concentration. Find a place where you can focus completely.

It also helps if the room is painted in a light color, like blue, so that you can think more clearly. Strong hues, such as red, can promote exhaustion or hunger. Your mind has to be set on studying.

Avoid using lights that emit a harsh glare; they strain your eyes in the same manner that the sun’s hot, bright rays sap your energy.

Allow yourself brief periods to rest and organize your thoughts. No matter how serious you are in studying, your brain is susceptible to mental fatigue. Do not overexert yourself; even warriors need to recharge their strength. A bit of indoor nature – like potted plants or a fish tank – can offer a soothing atmosphere.

Lastly, be somewhere that is peaceful; a noisy environment can prevent you from maximizing your study time. If you wish to listen to music, choose the kind that will enhance your focus. After all, a steady drumbeat can motivate a warrior to face the coming trials with vigor.

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