Being in good health before an exam is just as important as studying for it, says AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center president Rossana Llenado. How can you hurdle this constant challenge in your life as a student if you are sick? When your body feels weak, your mind can’t focus.

Here, some health tips from the tutors of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center:

  • Don’t lose sleep. It will reduce your ability to think well and focus.
  • Drink lots of water. Fatigue and mild headaches usually go with lack of water, so does listlessness. Make it a habit to carry a water jug with you.
  • Observe regular eating habits. It makes for a stable nutrient and energy level while curbing the temptation to gorge on junk food.
  • Avoid big meals and take five or six balanced, smaller meals instead. Big meals slow you down mentally and physically.
  • Never skip breakfast. It cannot be said often enough:  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  • Gorge on fruits. Bananas, apples, orange, and other kinds of fruit rank high on the list of brain foods.
  • Go for brain food, advises our tutors from AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center. Broccoli improves brain cells. Nuts, pumpkin seeds, and eggs enhance memory. Tomatoes protect the brain from damaging free radicals. Salmon is rich in omega acid. Dark chocolate, when taken in moderation, helps you focus.
  • Get a tea break. Tea enhances blood circulation, keeping you up and about.
  • Take coffee in moderation. Coffee can be a student’s best friend before an exam. It helps fight mental and muscular fatigue. It keeps you alert and boosts energy. But don’t go overboard. Choose the decaffeinated type.
  • Exercise. This will increase your energy and stimulate your mind to work better.
  • Laugh. Watch a comedy film or a funny sitcom. Read a funny story or joke around with friends and family.  Watch the stress go away and feel energized.
  • Get a good massage.
  • Listen to relaxing music you enjoy. This will reduce stress and relax your mind in preparation for the exam.
  • Take a warm, refreshing shower to keep you alert and make you feel fresh the whole day.

These health reminders from our AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center tutors will definitely help you ace that test!

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