The University of the Philippines is the country’s premier university composed of eight constituent universities and one autonomous college throughout 17 campuses in the country. Those who are interested in applying to this prime institution of higher learning must take the UP College Admissions Test (UPCAT).

Who can apply?

  • High school graduates from 2018 or earlier

  • Senior high school student expecting to graduate before July 2019 and

    • have the final grades for three (3) high school years preceding the year of graduation,

    • have not taken any college courses before SY 2019-2020,

    • and have not taken the UPCAT before.

When to get things done?


  • Metro Manila Private Schools – July 30, 2018

  • Metro Manila Public Schools – August 3, 2018

  • Regional Private and Public Schools – August 10, 2018

What to submit

  1. Graduate of a DepEd-accredited high school or accredited secondary school abroad

  2. Final grades of the three (3) high school years preceding the year of graduation

  3. Four (4) recent 2×2 identical photographs

  4. Form 1 Personal Data Sheet (Which can either be filled up here or manually by asking your authorized school representative, the system office of admissions in UP Diliman, or the office of the registrar in a UP Campus outside UP Diliman)

  5. Form 2 High School Record (Which will be emailed to you along with the Form 1 if you applied online, or through the same offices aforementioned)

  6. Certificate of Graduation

    1. IF High school graduate – High school diploma

    2. IF Graduating 2019 from a local HS – DepEd Certificate of Recognition or Permit to Operate

    3. IF Transferee (i.e. has taken subjects from another high school) – Certified clear photocopy of the Permanent Secondary School Record (F137) from other school with all the grades earned within

How to apply for the UPCAT

Step 1. Fill out Application Form 1 online at or manually by getting a copy of the form from the UP Diliman System Office of Admissions, the Office of the Registrar, in any other UP campus outside UP Diliman, or your school’s authorized representative

Step 2. Give the UPCAT Form 2 to your high school principal or school head to be filled out

Step 3. For non-Filipino applicants only: pay the UPCAT Application fee.

Step 4. Submit the completed UPCAT Forms 1 and 2 and all other required documents.

  • These may be submitted to either

    • The UP Office of Admissions, University of the Philippines, 1101 Diliman, Q.C., either in person OR through the authorized school representative, OR by mail.

    • Selected regional UPCAT application filing centers in: UP Baguio, UP Cebu, UPEP in Pampanga, UP Los Banos, UP Iloilo, UP Tacloban, and UP Mindanao.

*Include a self-addressed stamped envelope, or use return courier service if the Test Permit is to be mailed back to you. Be sure to use your school address.

Step 5. Claim your Test Permit

  • For applications filed through an authorized school representative, claim it through him/her about a week after the date of submission of application

  • For personally filed applications, you may claim it on the same day of application from the Office of Admissions

  • For applications filed through regional filing centers or by mail, wait for your Test Permit to be mailed to your school. You may inquire from the Office of Admissions (9818500 Local 3827, 3828, or 3831) if your name is not among the listed examinees for your school.

UPCAT date is on SEPTEMBER 15 or 16, 2018. Be there by 6:30 AM (morning session) or 12 NN (afternoon session).

  • Bring only your Test Permit, six (6) good quality pencils, sharpener, rubber eraser, and snacks.

  • The test administration will last about five (5) hours.

  • The use of cellphones, calculating devices, and/or cameras during the test is strictly prohibited and will be a cause for immediate rejection of application for admission to UP.

For more updates, visit the official UPCAT website at


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