You do need to get enough sleep for your mind to be relaxed and your concentration to be fully functioning the next day.

Going to sleep can be difficult especially when you are anxious about getting a good score for a test the next day. Whether it’s out of excitement or nervousness, your mind gets so busy thinking about the next day that your body tends to stay alert longer.

Being restless at night is normal. Unfortunately, you do need to get enough sleep for your mind to be relaxed and your concentration to be fully functioning the next day. The tutors from AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center suggests somethings that you can try to help you fall asleep for a restful night:

  • Turn off the TV, the computer, or anything that creates sound and gives off light. Sleeping with the TV or computer on will keep you awake longer, especially if you’re either watching an interesting show or playing games. These activities will not help you get sleepy. And even if they do, your sleep will not be restful and deep as it’s supposed to be. You will most likely wake up still feeling sleepy the next morning.
  • Ask your parents to change your sheets. A clean, nice smelling set of bed sheet, blanket, and pillow cases will help you feel relaxed and good about sleeping. It’s always nicer to fall asleep on a fresh-smelling pillow than on an old or used one even if it doesn’t smell bad.
  • Don’t go to bed hungry. Make sure that you have eaten your dinner according to schedule. An empty stomach will just keep you awake. Even if you manage to get to sleep, you will most likely wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry. However, don’t eat too much or eat right before going to bed.
  • Wash up and brush your teeth. Some kids take a shower, while others simply wash up to keep clean before going to bed. Brushing your teeth will give the same benefit. Cleaning up before going to sleep helps make you feel fresh and light, and therefore make you fall asleep easily. Doing otherwise may make you irritable, itchy, and restless the entire night.
  • Read a good book. Unlike watching TV or playing with the computer, reading a good book is a better way to help you fall asleep. You may ask any adult to read to you so you don’t have to fall asleep with an open book on your bed or beside you. The sound of an adult’svoice is also an assuring tone that will help you fall asleep easily.
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