Every parent dreams of having his child finish his studies in one of the Ivy League universities. And who wouldn’t? Aside from offering high quality education, these universities pave the way for a successful career at only the best companies.

Once your child has decided to take on the challenge of getting into that Ivy League University, give him your all-out support and help him throughout his journey. For starters, help him map out his student life so he can have many achievements to list down in his application form, said Rossana Llenado, president of Ahead Tutorial and Review Center.

Any Ivy League University would want to include a “well-rounded” individual in its next list of students. So, it is important that your child strikes a balance between his academics and extracurricular activities. While academics would certainly prove how much knowledge your child has, his extracurricular activities would tell these universities what kind of individual your child is. By letting him engage in a lot of activities, you are training him to cope with different situations and enabling him to learn many valuable life lessons. These lessons, in turn, will be his tools to manage his life properly.

When applying for any of these universities, writing an essay is usually a requirement. This is very critical as this would have a great bearing on your child’s admission. “Your child’s personality should literally come out in the essay in order for him to make an impression. Showing open-mindedness, compassionate thinking and positive attitude is a great way to write this essay,” said Llenado. If your child is having difficulties writing one, seeking college admissions counseling services would be a great idea.

Almost all universities would require an admission test. So, it is definitely a must to prepare for this. A college review course such as that offered by Ahead Tutorial and Review would be of great help to your child.

Universities also look at SAT or ACT scores in evaluating applicants seeking admission. Your child does not need to perfect these scores as long as he gets a grade high enough.

His academic performance would have the greatest bearing on his application. The transcript is an essential part of the application that shows how good your child is doing at school. Make sure that aside from his extracurricular activities, your child is able to focus more on his studies. Should he need extra help, consider getting him a tutor who can assist him so he can catch up with his lessons in school.

Lastly, you should prepare your child for the admission interview. Preparing answers to most commonly asked questions is a great way to feel prepared for the upcoming interview. “Teach your child how to be calm during interviews so that he will be able to show his personality to his interviewees,” said Llenado.

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