ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a common disorder amongst children. It can even continue through adolescence and adulthood (NIMH, 2016). Though most parents think that ADHD subtypes can just be a result of simple emotional or disciplinary problems, it is most likely not. Learning the several symptoms of ADHD is still crucial.  At the end of the day, it will always be best to seek help from professionals. Even when you just notice even a slight symptom. ADHD is curable but, like other disorders, it isn’t that instant. So, here are a couple of tips to help children with ADHD keep their focus especially during their study hours.

Incorporate Movement and Music

For parents, teaching your children by just simply reading their lessons to them is hard for them. Try integrating music and movements to whatever you are teaching. In this way, children will more likely to remember what they will be taught. With certain tunes and simple gestures, children will probably be more active and focused.

Positive Reinforcement

Giving rewards will always be efficient and a great motivator for children especially the ones with ADHD. By properly motivating them to finish a particular task for a reward, they will more likely to do what it takes to finish the task. Getting good grades or a gold star won’t probably cut it, but their favorite candy bar or extended TV time would work wonders.

Always Be Kind and Patient

There will always be times when children’s attention simply wanders off no matter what you do. Just be patient and keep reminding your children what they need to be done. Finally, when they do something right, do not forget to acknowledge it and, of course, praise them as well to encourage them more.

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