celebrate the national grandparents day

Whether you know them as Lolo and Lola, Grandma and Grandpa, Mamang and Papang – or whatever unique name you got used to calling them – our grandparents undoubtedly have a special place in our hearts. A lot of people say that grandparents actually love their grandchildren more than their own kids. This is not really a surprising statement to hear, especially since we witness countless acts of their unconditional love for us. There are millions and billions of ways that our grandparents show us how much they really care. More often than not, these acts of love are hidden in the everyday conversations and simple gestures that we sometimes overlook. Today, as we celebrate the national grandparents’ day, let us remember and appreciate some of the little wonders our lolo’s and lola’s do for us.

“Apo, kumain ka na ba [Have you eaten already]?”

One of the biggest reasons why some of us gain weight or were fat as children is probably because of our grandparents who never seem to get tired of feeding us. Whenever we see them, they are either offering as baked pastries or candies, or would give us money to buy ice cream as a treat. As long as our grandparents are around, we will never have to worry about food.

“Kiss mo naman si lolo/lola [Give grandma/grandpa a kiss].”

A lot of times, our grandparents just can’t help asking for hugs and kisses. They also ask for more bonding time with their grandchildren. Although it may have annoyed us when we were young, at least now we understand the value of showing them how much they really mean to us and how much we miss them when they are not around.

“Anong gusto mong pasalubong [What do you want for when I come back]?”

Lolo’s and lola’s are like two genies in a lamp for they always grant our wishes. The best thing is that our wishes are not limited to just 3. In fact, grandparents don’t have limits at all when it comes to making their grandchildren happy. Besides, every time we have a fight with our parents, they are always the first people we think of running to.

“Mag-aaral ka ng mabuti ah [Study well, okay]?”

If there’s one thing our grandparents want the most for us, it is a happy and secure future. It is not a secret that they are nearing the finish line of their lives. Although there is a possibility that they will not be there anymore when we’re older, it does not stop them from making sure that we are ready for whatever the world throws upon our way.

“’Wag kang makult. Papaluin kita diyan [Don’t be naughty. I will spank you].”

Even occasional tough love we receive from our grandparents shows how much they genuinely care for our growth and development. Rest assured, whenever they reprimand us, their utmost intention is to correct our mistakes and make us better people.

These, and a whole lot more of other everyday gestures really prove just how unconditional our lolo’s and lola’s love for us is. Though some of our beloved grandparents may have already passed away, it’s still heartwarming to just look back and remember our precious moments with them. For those who are lucky enough to still be with their grandparents, be sure to appreciate and cherish them for all that they are. Surely, all the personal memories we created and continue to create with our grandparents will last and linger far beyond whatever circumstance. So, from the bottom of our hearts, let us all wish our grandparents a happy Lolo and Lola’s day!



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