For a college freshman, the most common mistake would be sliding into their old high school ways, whereas for upper classmen, they can confirm that it is a whole different ball game from high school. Most habits have to be adjusted and mindsets also have to be changed. Ultimately, it is like starting from scratch. Most students have to adjust to different paces, new study habits, and variations of schedules. So, here are some things students like you must remember in order to make the transition into college a little bit smoother.

Evaluate your Motivations

In college, the time has come to be absolutely serious— a perfect time to set proper goals and realize what you want out of college. Back in high school, just passing, passing college entrance exams, and getting into a good school were the main goals. They were enough to motivate most students to get through everything. But in college, things become more personal and you have to figure out what really drives you.

Time Management is a Must in College

You have to accept the fact that you will be deprived of sleep due to the tons of requirements you need to accomplish. Also, by this time, time management will become more essential. Planners and organizers might even become staples in your bag. Remember, plan carefully and do not miss out on anything important. The consequences are now way bigger than what it used to be. Welcome to the big leagues.


No, this is not misspelled nor does it mean the fortitude to avoid the unnecessary. SelfControl is an app that will block potential distracting websites. Sometimes, you really have to ensure that you do what you need to do. And using apps like these would make sure that you wouldn’t “accidentally” check your Facebook while reviewing for a test.

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