Your college application form is very, very important because it will be used by the school to assess your application. You must take utmost care in filling it out.

  1. Read the whole application form first.
  2. Following the instructions, write your answers to the questions using a well-sharpened pencil first.
  3. Print when asked to and write in your best handwriting.
  4. Fill in all the spaces. Put N/A on the blanks that are not applicable to you.
  5. Always give the correct information.
  6. Keep your application form unwrinkled, clean, and neat.
  7. Sign with your most formal signature.
  8. Submit recent pictures that show you to be clean, neat, and smart.
  9. Do not just submit  your  application  form without thorough  consideration. Ask for advice either from AHEAD or from other equally reliable person/s, or from those who are considerably knowledgeable about college applications.
  10. Submit your application forms on time.
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