Every few days or so, it seems, the rains come down, bringing in floods, making it hard for students to get home. The not so pleasant weather also brings with it a variety of diseases from coughs and colds to the dreaded flu. But getting sick and missing classes is not exactly how you’d want to start your first quarter in school, right? Fortunately, you can avoid getting sick by incorporating a few important habits in your daily routine.

  • Always wash your hands. It all starts with good hygiene. Germs and other things can be passed on to people through skin contact. Always remembering to wash your hands before eating or doing anything else is a sure way to prevent this.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, or nose. When you’re outside, you’re not really sure about what you’ve touched and what you’ve gotten on your hands so it’s advisable to kick the habit of touching your eyes, mouth, and nose. It’s a direct passageway for germs to get into your body.
  • Eat healthy. Having a proper diet will ensure that your body’s defenses are strong enough to fight off the season’s most common diseases. A nutritious meal and lots of water will do the trick. It wouldn’t hurt to have your daily vitamins either.
  • Dress wisely. Make sure you’re warm. It’s always good to carry around a jacket for when the need for it arises. The weather here is so unpredictable. It could be warm in the morning but cold and wet during the afternoon.
  • Be prepared. Always have an umbrella with you. If you commute to get home, devise an emergency going home plan. You might have to allot extra money for cab fare, for example.
  • Get enough rest. Your body works better when it is fully recharged. It also strengthens your immune system.

These tips will not only help you avoid sickness, it will also get you on the road to a good and healthy lifestyle.

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