_MG_9237 copyMost children find math challenging. Joshua William King finds math fascinating! “It helps you develop an analytical mind… Solving math problems requires analysis. They are not solved through memorization of facts,” says the precocious 11-year-old who has been joining math competitions since his first grade. William has participated in over 20 competitions, and garnered over 30 awards.

Winning a bronze medal in Singapore when he was in Grade 3 made William enjoy math competitions even more. Later on, he would join the Mathematics Trainer’s Guild (MTG). A non-profit organization, MTG trains students to excel in math, preparing them for international competitions. MGT’s standards were so high, however, that William felt the need to complement his training with tutorial sessions. And so he enrolled in one of the country’s leading tutorial and review centers, AHEAD.

“Those subject matters were not yet taught in school, so that’s why I enrolled in AHEAD, and it helped to cope up with MTG standards,” he recalls.

T326hrough constant training and practice, William would win awards and bring honor to the country. He was a gold medalist at the 17th Clock Tower School International Mathematics Contest in Romania. He snagged two awards in the Bulgaria International Mathematics Competition, bringing home a merit award in the individual category and a bronze in the team category. He was also given the Highest Distinction with a 99 percentile rank by the University of South Wales in Australia. He is currently training for a math tournament in Korea this July.

_MG_9249 copyMore than his rigorous formal training, William credits his father for inspiring and motivating him every single day. It was from his father that William learned about the importance of discipline. He says, “Without it, there is no way one can be great at something!”

After the Awarding Ceremony“If you don’t have discipline, you would not be able to maintain the rigors of practice and training. If you have training but without practice after the training, you will still have a hard time winning. If you practice with discipline but no training, the standards you’ve learned would be different,” he adds.

More importantly, says William, “We still need to pray hard, since it’s all up to the Lord’s will.”

What’s ahead for this young mathematician? William dreams of becoming a doctor someday. He says, “If, God willing, I become a doctor, I can help the sick and the needy. It will be a joy giving them free services,” he says. The future is surely bright for this young kid with noble intentions.


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