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UA&P is divided into 7 different Schools

College of Arts and Sciences

CAS’s three-year Liberal Arts program gives students a solid foundation in the humanities. It enables students to determine their strengths and interests by equipping them with enhanced learning skills. After completion of the undergraduate program, students move on to their field of specialization.

School of Education and Human Development

The School of Education and Human Development (SED) aims to be a catalyst to enable educators, parents, and teachers in the Asia-Pacific region to carry out their teaching work with personal and professional excellence anchored on technical competence and human virtues.

School of Communication

The School of Communication (SCM) offers the pioneering program in integrated marketing communications (IMC) in the Philippines and is a leader in IMC education in Asia. The School draws strength from its multidisciplinary IMC program and its faculty composed of industry executives and distinguished academicians.

School of Management

The School of Management, which offers continuing education seminars for corporate staff, is envisioned to be an innovative molder of business leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region. It will be known for management education programs that foster competent, dynamic, ethical, and socially responsible enterprises.

School of Economics

Recognized as a leading economics school and as a catalyst of economic progress in the Philippines and in Asia, SEC has earned a reputation for highly relevant economic research. The major areas of its research activities include the fields of economic forecasting, financial markets, wage determination, and macroeconomics. For more than 40 years now, the School has produced professional economists, corporate planners, and business analysts occupying key positions in private firms and government institutions.

School of Sciences and Engineering

The School of Sciences and Engineering (SSE) aims to form its students into Renaissance scientists and engineers with a unique portfolio of knowledge, abilities, skills and habits, ensured by the University’s long-standing tradition in the liberal arts. It aims to humanize the sciences and engineering, both of which experienced rapid technological growth at the turn of the century.

School of Law and Governance

The School of Law and Governance (SLG), the erstwhile Institute of Political Economy, has been providing theoretical and practical training in politics, governance and diplomacy since 1995. SLG programs are anchored on the core principles of human dignity, solidarity, subsidiarity and the common good.


There are 12 undergraduate degree programs offered in UA&P

College of Arts and Sciences

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities


School of Education and Human Development

Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Education

Bachelor of Science in Human Capital Development


School of Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications

Bachelor of Arts in Media and Entertainment Management


School of Management

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Management


School of Economics

Bachelor of Arts in Economics


School of Sciences and Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


School of Law and Governance

Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy (ABPE)

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The UA&P College Entrance Exam (CEE) consists of a number of subtests

There are English, Math, Abstract Reasoning, Logic (General Intelligence), Reading Comprehension and Essay-Writing.


Admission Requirements

  1. Accomplished application form
  2. Applicant Information Slip
  3. Secondary School Record form
  4. Guidance Counselor Recommendation
  5. Exam permit.
  6. Recommendation form (enclosed in a sealed envelope; have the flap signed by the Principal or Guidance Counselor.)
  7. Personal essay (typewritten on short bond paper) that conveys interests (visual/theater arts, sports, music, gourmet cooking, etc.); accomplishments; family, educational, entrepreneurial, and social experiences; future goals; strengths, weaknesses and potentials that positively contribute to the development of the University (maximum of 250 words).
  8. Parents’ information sheet — for Entrepreneurial Management Program applicants only.
  9. Three 2″ x 2″ identical pictures (one for the application form and one for the exam permit)
  10. Accomplished scholarship / financial aid application and recommendation form for those applying for grants.
  11. Photocopy of NSO-authenticated Birth Certificate


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