Goal-Setting is always important no matter what age your children are. Whether they’re a professional aiming for a promotion or a student aiming to get into a law school, setting goals can help them focus and keep their eyes on the prize. Other than that, they will also find this habit of setting goals very much useful considering the dozens of distractions present left and right. In fact, picking this habit up can benefit them even after they graduated— well since being goal-oriented will always be our great weapon in life. Here are some tips that will encourage your children to be goal-setters. They can totally work on it while they’re on break.

Let them Set their Own Goals

Often, parents set their children’s goals. There is a level of expectation that each and every parent has. However, a better way is to help your children set their own goals. Sit them down and make them realize why your expectations should be their goals and why they are important in the first place. Eventually, they will get the hang of setting their own goals and you just have to guide them into reaching them.

Play between the Possible and the Impossible

Of course, goals have to be realistic; however, you also want your child to push their limits and achieve greater heights. So, have them set goals that are challenging them enough to go beyond their personal best. Do not let them settle. And always encourage them to do better.

Differentiate a To-Do List from Goal-Setting

To-do-lists are basically just things you have to do during a set period of time. These are mostly routine actions that will keep a person on schedule. There may be certain tasks in a to-do-list that may relate to a goal, but make sure your child knows the difference between the two.

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