Most sci-fi terms are real words used in the field of science.

There is something fascinating about science fiction despite all the geeky terms. Some of those strange sounding words were made up by the authors. However, most are real words used in the field of science. While you may not use them in everyday conversations, they may come up during your college entrance exam. So, better read up the following; they may help you score higher in UPCAT!

Bioluminescence occurs when living organisms produce light by oxidizing a light-producing substance. You can see this at work through insects like fireflies, or certain marine animals that glow in the dark.

Exobiology is another term for the more popular astrobiology. It refers to the study of life in the universe and everything that surrounds it—from its beginnings to evolution, and to its probably future. By “life,” this may mean aliens from outer space.

Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) is also referred to as magnetofluiddynamics or hydromagnetics.  It sounds intimidating and complicated, and probably so for non-scientists. This is actually an academic discipline that studies the principles of electrically conducting fluids like liquid metals and salt water.

Metalorganics are chemical compounds comprised of metals and organic ions or molecules. These are used in applications involved in materials science, including the creation of semiconductors.

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