Christmas in the Classroom For High School Students

Find out how you can help.

We’re pretty sure that the holiday vibe is now in full swing at your school. Most of you, we’re pretty sure, are preparing for your class presentations at the upcoming Christmas party or wrapping up presents for teachers, friends, and classmates. While you’re in a giving mood, it might be a good idea to spread some of that holiday spirit beyond the four corners of your school.

The strongest storm to hit the country this year swept through southern Philippines, destroying farms, homes, and buildings in its path. Some 600 people were killed with more than 29,000 families still stranded in evacuation centers. This is the perfect opportunity for you and your classmates to make Christmas a little bit brighter for the families affected by Typhoon Pablo.

First off, find out how you can help. Link up with a charitable organization. You can volunteer to do the packing of relief goods or you can take calls at their telephone hot lines. You may also offer to spread the word about where the public can send their donations by sharing it on your Facebook wall and tweeting it to your followers.

You and your classmates may also do a bit of fundraising on your own. Having a bake sale is most timely as a lot of people are looking for food items to give as gifts. You may also collect old clothes, blankets, tents, and canned goods to distribute to families in evacuation centers.

However you decide to help, the time to do so is now; don’t wait till next week or next year. Make a difference now!

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