Some parents hate it when their child shifts course. Sometimes, it’s because the course the child picks isn’t lucrative enough for them. Other times, it’s because they think that shifting to a different course is equivalent to quitting.

But sometimes, shifting is done as a means to get into the course they really want. For example, if they got into their 4th choice, applicants who were accepted can try to shift into at least their second or third choice.

Many, however, are forced to shift and it can cause a damper on their dreams. If you’re feeling scared of shifting from different courses, here are some students who offered to share their stories:

“Not just shifted! Transferred schools too!”

“Not only did I shift courses. I also transferred schools. I shifted from Nursing in UST to Psych in Letran. The decision wasn’t entirely mine but my mom’s. Continuing to Nursing without the academic scholarship was impossible since it’s too expensive. At that time, I was on an academic scholarship during my 1st year but at the end of the 2nd Sem of the same year, I didn’t qualify in the Dean’s list. I was 0.01 shy away from the minimum GPA for DLs (my 1.76 vs 1.75). We thought I automatically lost my scholarship. So my mom asked me to shift to another less expensive pre-med course instead—Psychology. Initially, I will just shift programs and still attend school in UST but upon knowing that I can’t shift as an incoming 2nd year and the Psych program doesn’t accept shifters until they’re on the 3rd year, my mom decided to transfer me to another school. I was just 16 then, so here’s what’s like. I already came to love Nursing and ofc my classmates so emotionally I was super torn, maybe even devastated at the idea. There were a lot of times I cried so hard. One because, I lost the scholarship (apparently the last thread that allowed me to pursue Nursing) and second, it felt unfair because I was leaving not because I failed but just because of financial constraints since Nursing was so expensive. I mean, there were times I kept asking, how come others who had worse grades than I had (mine aren’t bad at all, it just that I didn’t make it to the Dean’s list) are staying? But more than shifting, what was more difficult for me was the school transfer. I had a lot to adjust to. I didn’t want to leave the university eh.”

BS Nursing to Psychology

“To secure my spot!”

“Um well the first time medyo napilitan ako coz I almost got kicked out of school haha. I was Management before but failed my 1st sem of 3rd year. I tried to shift to Info design but they told me I needed a portfolio. Wala naman ako nun so I looked somewhere else. Ended up in Development studies. Took it up for one sem only. Knew instantly it wasn’t for me. So I shifted out again and switched to Interdisciplinary Studies because they had a track for Info design.”

BS Management to IS

“BS to AB. Not much different.”

” I didn’t feel any difference since I moved to AB from BS. But I didn’t get to have some classes with my original block-mates since their still took their science courses.”

-From Science to the Arts

“3 courses, 3 disciplines.”

“Naging malaking issue sa life ko til now ang pag shift ng course haha! Flexible type of person ako and disorganized girl kaya hindi ko alam career path ko, hindi ko na plano maayos. Yung pag shift ng course sakin naging result ng poor self esteem and all kasi irregular ako then need ko follow norms ng environment ko na paiba iba. Hindi ako naka focus masyado sa pag aaral, nag focus ako paano ko matapos ang college agad kasi umabot ako 7 yrs just to finish school.

First, entrep ako then nursing then bumalik ako Miriam pero pinaulit sakin lahat lahat nung psych course na pinili ko.

Three courses ako :) Grabe experiences and feeling of inferiority ko kasi mga bata na kasama ko hahaha yung worth ko ang liit na.

Buong well-being ko affected hindi lang mental.

Fear yung naramdaman ko pero dapat passionate ako sa ginagawa ko but no. Mahirap kasi dapat mag adjust ka sa lahat and parang independent ako sa school haha kasi wala na ako block section so sarili ko lang help ko sa sched and activities.”

-BS Entrepreneurship, Nursing, and then Psych

“I felt lost.”

” For one, it felt like I was lost. I shifted twice. AB European Studies to AB history to AB information design.

I kept on shifting because the course I wanted wasn’t in Ateneo. I wanted VetMed.

But I finished Info Design anyway. Like the thing is it was both empowering at the same time I felt like I was giving up on what I initially took.

How do you feel about VetMed now?

Well it’s technically a second course.

But ayun, I finally felt like I was doing something with myself. There was a lot of fear going to it. Like, once again I felt like I was just giving up on another life. Like I could be earning right now. It does hit me from time to time. But this is what I really want so I am sticking to it.”

-VetMed Student

There’s always a lot of fear when it comes to shifting.

When it comes to shifting from course to course, there’s always that uncertainty if whether or not you’re making the right choice. While some (especially one’s parents) will see it as quitting, it’s eventually something you’ll have to decide for yourselves. And parents, it may be disappointing sometimes to see that your child not living out the dream you wanted for them. But please remember that it was YOUR dream; it’s not theirs.

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