Your time spent in school is always memorable and it should always be that way. Sure, schoolwork and information overload can really stress you out, especially when exam day comes, but there is nothing that a few good habits cannot fix.

It would help you take control of what stresses you out in school if you know what causes them in the first place. Perhaps you are putting too much pressure on yourself to perform better either because you do not want to disappoint your parents or because your friends are doing much better than you are. On the other hand, maybe you are working too hard that you do not go out to have fun as much as you used to. However, stress can be managed. Try any or all of the following ideas that may bring back your chill.

  • Socialize with real people

    Remember when you share laughter with actual friends, and not with your computer screen? It is always better to share great times with friends after school or during weekends. Friends are awesome stress busters, no further explanations needed. Just make sure you do not get into trouble, or you will end up being more stressed.

  • Move about

    Thanks to technology, geeks are definitely in. But this doesn’t mean that you should pin yourself down in front of your computer all day long. Get some physical activity to get those endorphins going! This will help improve your mood and revitalize your energy. Any type of physical sport or regular exercise will do the trick.

  • Academic support

    Everybody needs help in school. An academic tutorial is no longer just designed for those who are having difficulty in class. Even those who are at the top of their respective classes now enlist the help of a tutor so they can maintain their high grades. Advance learning is a key point in in academic improvement.

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