Life these days is so fast-paced, things happen in the blink of an eye. You have so many things to read and learn. And they change in such amazing speed that what you know today may not hold true anymore in the next year or so.

It is thus important to learn Smart Reading. This skill not only increases the number of books, articles, and materials you can read at any given point in time. It also lets the reader learn more concepts and get more ideas to toy around with.

And this is why Rossana Llenado, Ahead Tutorial and Review Center president, suggests training children to smart read as early as possible.

“They will not only have more time to enjoy the things they love, they will also be able to complete their school assignments faster,” she explains.

Some assignments require students to summarize a long text in five to six paragraphs. Smart Reading will make them get the gist of the material, condense it, and put it in writing in no time at all.

Smart Reading is a boon for students with a ton of books to read, research materials to study, and other things to do. It is the answer to the  information overload from cyberspace, teachers, peers, and other sources.

“Read more to learn more,” urges Llenado. “You also widen your vocabulary in the process. Low English vocabulary levels show lack of reading skills.”

And people with reading problems, she adds, have a hard time figuring out test questions.

Result: they score lower in any kind of test – college entrance tests, school exams, whatever.

It could turn out to be a vicious cycle. Poor readers fail exams more often, so they get failing grades and repeat the subject. They not only spend the summer break in remedial class; they also burden their poor parents with extra expenses which they could spend on other things like a good college education.

That’s not all. Come college entrance exams, these poor readers can’t get to the university of their dreams the way smart -readers do. They may be good in Math, where reading is limited. But they still have to pass exams that require reading.

So consider a Smart Reading course as an investment. It pays off, not only in meeting school deadlines, but also in living a well-balanced life. Most of all, it will make you get ahead of the pack faster, simply because you know and understand things more than the guy next to you does.

Happy Smart Reading

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