Teachers Share Secrets2
Want to get better grades? Here, the teachers of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, the best tutorial and review center, share the secrets to becoming a more diligent student and getting higher grades.

“Find your happy place and thrive there,” says Amanda Garcia, who teaches Math and English, among others. “Learn about yourself and see where you find it best to study, whether it’s individually or in a group, through repetition or memorization, while listening to a favorite song or band, or even while eating your favorite snack. There is no standard way of learning but anyone can learn.”

Apple Micah Ampit’s advice is simple: “Have a genuine love for learning!” Apple, who teaches Math, Science, English, and Filipino, adds, “When you are driven to study because you love learning, it makes your subjects more interesting and you wholeheartedly make time for it.”

“Practice makes perfect,” says Erika Cruz, who specializes in high school Math. She adds, “In Math, you need to practice to master the concepts and develop your skills.”

Jerby Lopez believes in the importance of preparation. He says, “Study in advance using all the resources you could find—books, internet, e-books, educational apps, etc. When you study in advance, you will be able to relate more with your teacher.” You can participate better in class too!

Finally, Edgar Belda, who teaches Math, Science, and Economics, says, “Genuine interest for the subject matter is the greatest motivation for learning.”

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