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Jun Cyril A. Manzano, May 2

“Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself,” John Dewey once said.

Most people see good education as an opportunity to make money and be famous. It is, indeed. With good education plus great achievements and excellent skills, one becomes distinguished from others. Good career, great job, high salary and good life then follow. This is our usual equation of a good education and a good life.

In a broader sense, good education utmost makes us aware – aware of social injustices, moral corruptions, emotional abuses and physical tortures in our community. The essence of education is to open our eyes to change these things. And with education exposing these things, one could have a better life which he/she can share with others.

Good education really plays a major role in shaping and molding the young men and women in us today, the young men and women we will be in the future. With this, we gain knowledge and skills we need as we face the world and its challenges that await us. These knowledge and skills, however, should not just remain as knowledge and skills. More importantly, these should be acted upon so we can have a better life ahead – the life we plan and dream of.

Ronell Cabanos, May 1

How can good education give you a better life AHEAD?

At the outset, I could still remember asking the following questions when I was a child: What is the most important instrument a medical doctor has to cure patient’s illnesses? How engineers plan to build such huge buildings? Why are some job seekers rejected despite of their working experiences? What are chef’s secret ingredients in preparing the most palatable dish in the hotels or restaurants? What is the main formula used by scientists for their inventions or discoveries?

Throughout my school years, I gradually realize that the scenarios presented above have something in common. Yes! They all lie on basic foundation, and that is, Good Education. Education is commonly referred to as the process of learning, knowing and obtaining knowledge. The voluminous books, hard examinations, tedious projects, dull experiments— Some may find education boring. But despite all these, many, including me who comes from a financially incapable family, still view this very interesting as I continue dreaming of a better future. At first, I was also asking of how good education will give me a better life ahead. However, as I go on with my academic years, the answers are becoming clearer and clearer. First, Education serves as means in helping me to realize my career goals, to venture into my field of interest, and to or will enable me develop expertise in such field. With these aspects achieved, I believe that in effect, I will also become more successful in my career, family, community, and society. Education can provide me with confidence and positive outlook in life making me a better thinker and decision maker. Moreover, this could/will accord me with prestige and respect. Thus, it will enable me to excel in my profession and hopefully to rise to the top. As a result, self-fulfillment can be achieved leading to better appreciation of myself. Another is that it is through education that I am equipped with knowledge, skills and talents to become competent. Consequently, this will endow me a challenging and stable jobs with good salary and more importantly financial security. This means a better living standard which will provide not only my needs but also my wants in life. Furthermore, as an educated people, I can enjoy opportunities in helping others. From the simple maintenance of materials to conservation of life and even preservation of the environment, all educated man has a key role. Wanting to help others and enjoying helping others are necessary attributes of a better life for me with mutually satisfying relationships with others. Lastly, Education creates leaders, innovators and mobilizers who are committed in the promotion of progress in the society thereby instilling a natural appreciation for social responsibilities. In this sense, education can mold me to become a better component having a great impact in the community.

As you can see, good education can promise betterment of man’s (me and others) mental, psychological, emotional, financial and social aspects in the future. At this perspective, it is not an understatement to say that life is meaningless and fruitless without good education. I agree by what others have stated that man is confined in a closed and windowless room without education. On the other hand, with good education, man finds himself in a room with its doors and windows open. Hence, I consider my education as the most important key that could open the doors of success and serve as the ladder on my way ahead of my dreams.

Licup Gloren, Apr 30

“How can good education give you a better life AHEAD?”

In today’s world, a good education is essential. Not only will one be able to make better decisions in life, one will also be able to obtain higher paying and respected careers with a good education. A good education not only teaches one the essential skills of the working world, it also prepares the mind to make sane, healthy, and intelligent decisions about any situation that one may encounter on life’s journey. A good education helps one to determine between what is right and what is wrong. The ability to read, write and perform basic mathematical operations is valuable in any job or career. Professionals who make high salaries are those who have excelled in their basic educational skills of reading, writing, and maths. Although there are several benefits to a good education, the main benefit is that it makes one a better person in all aspects of their life.

Cyrille Dana Madarang, Apr 30

“How can good education give you a better life AHEAD?”

Good education gives you not only boundless opportunities for the future but also the good conduct taught in order to cope up with different kinds of people. It also improves our ability to make decisions wisely and prioritize what is more important.

Good education simply shows us how to be a good citizen towards the society and to serve our country rightfully which contributes to the progress of a nation. Thus, living in a progressive nation helps each individual to live a better life AHEAD along with the good attributes brought by good education. :)

Rhondel Guevara, Apr 29

Good education opens the mind, molds the heart, strengthens character and enforces morality and uprightness.

It forms and reforms every individual to reach his best potential and out-best himself in every experience, without promoting conceit and contemptuous competition.

It inculcates to a person’s heart the essentials of clean, dignified and moral living.

It serves as the foundations of life as it supports every aspect of human living from finances to moral ethics.

Paying prime importance to education makes it a good one. Acquiring the gifts of education opens the gates to a better life ahead.


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