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Lika Mizukoshi, Apr 10

*This is how I believe a good education could help me, you as well as anyone to get AHEAD in life.

Once, my teacher said something to our class that made my classmates and I realize something important. She said:


And she was right.

It is a privilege to study in a great school, which in my perspective, is offering one of the best education that any highschool student can have. But again, why is it that it is an inevitable fact of life that supposedly, a good education gets a person ahead in life?

Here’s why.

First of all, what is a “good education”? In my perspective, a good education is comprised of 2 main, distinct categories: the ones found on the textbook and the ones we learn beyond what any textbook could teach us. The latter is what separates an education from what is considered as GOOD EDUCATION. Now, back to the question at hand. How could a good education give you a better life AHEAD?

One, a good education provides not just the standard curriculum that the Department of Education is requiring for all students studying here in the Philippines to complete, but rather something much more. It equips the students with knowledge, far more than any text book could offer. In each lesson that we learn, we develop something within ourselves as well.

First, A good education develops one’s Higher thinking skills. Something which everyone has, but not everyone gets to develop and enhance. Being provided a good education gives us this opportunity which in turn helps later in life to find a solution to any hard situation life may bring.

Secondly, A good education helps us develop patience. Now, being provided a good education is a privilege that everyone deserves, but sadly, not everyone is getting it. And in response to this, our country may not be progressing just as quickly and constant as other neighboring nations which are now considered to be first-world nations. Having said that, a good education requires a person to be eager to study. That, my friends, is a trait that is very much hard to gain, especially when you are faced with a particular topic that would cause you to have the patience to understand the details of each and every part of it. Once this has become a habit, it will stay with you until after that college diploma, and with the world we have today, we all need to learn how to be patient.

Now, there’s a lot more that good education could give us. Time management skills, Commitment to achieve, Creativity, Collaboration, Eagerness to learn, a strong will, etc.

But there’s one thing a good education could give a person that not everyone realizes.

Or rather… not everyone bothered to care about.

A good education also helps develop one more key thing that gets a person AHEAD of everyone else. This is called SUBMISSIVENESS.

I bet some of you are wondering “What does being submissive have to do anything with good education?” or even more “ What does it have to do with getting a head start in life?” Well, here’s the thing about having a good education. In order to actually GET a good education, you first must have to submit yourself to the authority figures in order to learn. Basically, the teachers, professors, lecturers and all the other people that would teach you and guide you throughout your whole educational journey in school. I mean, when you think about it, you have to submit to them to learn. If a student goes of thinking he/she is smarter that the teacher, do you think he/she would really learn anything? I don’t think so. In my perspective, this is what people lack nowadays. In the end, you have to submit to someone in all aspects of your life. If you want to get ahead, you have to first be under those people that are sent by God to teach you. Even after school, you have to submit to authority. There’s your future boss, the company you’ll be working in, the law and most especially, your parents.

A good education equips the students with both academic capability and a great moral character. A character that doesn’t just think about what other could do for him, but what he could do for others. This is what separates those that just gets by, and those who succeed in life. Beyond the books. Beyond the lessons. Beyond the scores and test grades. It is what education molds you to that truly matters in life, because in this journey, where each and every one of us must take with our own personal road to take, it all boils down to who you truly are. One merely lives, once he starts wanting more than merely existing.

This is how I believe a good education could me, you as well as anyone to get AHEAD in life. God bless everyone! ^_^

Deanne Tan, 02 May

“How can good education give you a better life AHEAD?”

Good education could be a good resource of solutions to our many problems in our daily life. It helps turn little hobbies into big jobs. Looking for an occupation will be made easier through good education. It teaches us the more complex things needed to be learned in our field of choice. It gives us the knowledge that can be used in times of financial crisis, for it will help you apply everything that you learned. People without good education will have a less chance to have a good way of living. Without good education in the world, people will not master the difficult lessons thus leading to a world without technology and easy way of living that we enjoy now. High education can lead into better standards. If not for good quality education, people would not have gone to great success. It can make us think more positive of our future because of the education we received.

Justin Edward Cabal, 16 April

“How can good education give you a better life AHEAD?”

Good education would be a good insurance for your future. Even if you lose money, possessions and such, you’d still have your good education to back you up. To be honest, as long as you have a good education, it would always help you get somewhere and it’s something that can never be taken away. You’ll never be at a dead end. :]

Mikkah Alejo Mendoza, 09 April

Good education gives us a better life ahead by equipping our minds with higher order thinking skills namely critical thinking, reasoning, and decision making. Since the actions we take and words we speak are not exactly the same as what we said and did yesterday, different situations and circumstances arise. Being educated properly gives us an advantage to solve problems, think things through, and make right decisions, making us flexible and prepared for what lies ahead.

Eunice Dimla Capuli, 07 April

“How can good education give you a better life AHEAD?” The very spring and root of honesty and virtue lie in good education.

Ken James Gonzales, 01 May

“How can a good education give you a better life AHEAD?”

A good education can give me a better life by teaching me all the things that I need to know, to train me for a better life ahead by means of sharing one’s experiences for those who will be arriving at that time has a key idea of what to expect and also to give me more chances on other jobs and to let me choose a job that will be most suitable with me. Also good education can prepare me for any life situation and have an education that is leveled with top universities and colleges in the world.

Cherry Lim, Apr 23

Being blessed with God’s gift of education allows one to further cherish life by improving one’s self through aspects of learning, sharing and making a difference in the lives of others regardless of who you are and the status you belong. For me, having a good education is being taught of morals and values that will be applied in one’s everyday life most especially when he or she is faced to daily encounters neither easy nor complicated. It is also considered as putting what we’ve learn into actions, hence; think about the welfare of others most especially the people who aren’t given good opportunities.

Good education will give you a better life ahead if and only one keeps himself in the right track just like music, as long as your notes are in the bar line, you’re in the right track and the job of making sense in music is left to the listener and the player, even though you’ve studied music as a whole, if you don’t know how to deal with them, then, you won’t find passion in what you’re doing moreover in what you have came up with.

Above all, if you’ll be asked: “How can good education give you a better life AHEAD?” the answer to this will be: An individual— incorporating values to one’s learning as you deal with the various aspects of life that will brought about change to your life as well as the life of others regardless of wealth and fame. Sticking with its slogan: “totally different, totally ahead”, When one classifies good education in this manner, then one is “totally different” for he or she will further reach out in the transformation of our community and slowly inspire the majority to follow us in creating and preparing brighter tomorrows to future generations which will make us “totally ahead” of other nations.


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