We are the only one doing what we are doing.

Solid Foundation 
AHEAD has helped tens of thousands of students gain acceptance into the best universities in the country since 1995. With AHEAD, young individuals have come to realize their goals and achieve their dreams.

Learning by Doing 
People retain 20% of what they hear, 10% of what they read, 30% of what they see, and 90% of what they do (Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience Theory). At AHEAD, he learns by doing.

Diagnostic Tests 
AHEAD’s diagnostic tests will let your child know where he stands at the start of the review and what he needs to do to improve. These are patterned after the topics, question types, levels of difficulty, and time limits of the real entrance tests.

Simulated Tests 
AHEAD’s simulated tests are the closest your child will get to the actual exams. When your child takes the actual exam, it will be like he’s taken it for the third time. He would be able to answer the time-pressured test with ease and confidence.

Well-researched Materials
Constant research and development make AHEAD’s materials the best reference for your child’s preparation to get into top institutions of learning.

Review Assistants 
Your child gets emotional support from AHEAD’s review assistants, most of whom are former AHEAD students; others are UP students who understand the pressure and difficulty of reviewing for college entrance tests. They provide motivation and help instill discipline in him.

Top Teachers 
Your child is guided through the review program by AHEAD’s tutors and lecturers, who come from the Philippines’ top three universities and belong to the top 1% of their batch the best of the best. They are young, dynamic, and able to relate well with your child.

Success Seminars for Parents & Students 
You and your child can attend special AHEAD seminars. The orientation provided in these activities will give you and your child a better understanding of the importance of college entrance exams, deeper insights on the top universities, and tips on what to do before, during, and after the review.

Unique Programs 
Your child gets to focus on topics that will appear in the actual exam. With AHEAD’s unique test-based review programs, which are patterned after specific college admission tests, he gets the right preparation for the right exam.

Speed Reading 
Speed reading comes in handy in high-pressure admission tests with time limits. AHEAD’s introductory session on speed reading will help your child increase his reading rates and comprehension levels.

Mind Mapping 
The human brain has an almost infinite capacity to process information. An AHEAD review introduces your child to mind mapping, a learning tool proven to improve memory and enhance creativity and critical thinking.

Refresher Course 
Weeks before the actual college entrance tests, your child may attend a 16-hour refresher course for all AHEAD summer students. The refresher course not only refreshes’ his mind or helps him recall the topics taken up in the review classes, it also boosts his confidence and gives him added inspiration.

Training and Development 
Tutors, lecturers, and staff undergo continuous training by AHEAD’s professional training division, AHEAD Professional Network, which has also trained school managers all over the country in cooperation with Philippine Business for Social Progress.

Online Reviews
AHEAD review courses are now available through an Internet-based video conferencing system. Students see, hear, and exchange resources with their teachers and peers online.

Proven Track Record 
AHEAD reviewees have consistently registered the highest passing rate in the admission tests of the top universities. AHEAD is the only center that publishes a list of its passers every year.

Respected organizations say that AHEAD is the best tutorial and review center in the Philippines.


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