With the admission tests for the country’s top universities only a few months away, AHEAD Review & Tutorial Center recently held a series of free Diagnostic Tests for incoming senior students of Ateneo High School. The Diagnostic Tests serve as the opening round for AHEAD’s review season as the country’s leading tutorial and review center gear up to prepare thousands of students for the most challenging exam of their lives.

AHEAD’s Diagnostic Tests are patterned after the topics, question types, levels of difficulty, and time limits of the actual college entrance exams of the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, and De La Salle University. These tests provide the student a realistic assessment of his academic proficiency. More importantly, the tests give him an idea of the areas he needs to improve on.

Students who sign up for AHEAD’s Review Program will also be taking Simulated Tests, similar to the Diagnostic Tests. By the time they take the actual exam, AHEAD reviewees would not only be used to working under time pressure, they would also be familiar with the test coverage and types of exam. The constant practice would give them the confidence to answer the exam with relative ease.

Students who took the Diagnostic Tests were offered early bird discounts should they choose to enroll in AHEAD’s Review Program. AHEAD is only tutorial and review center offering such a unique test preparation service.

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