Last June 19, 2015, AHEAD Professional Network, the training arm of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, conducted a training session for tutors and lecturers on basic test construction.

Joy Gatmaytan, AHEAD Materials Development Department Head, says, “Our materials require updating to keep up with constantly evolving educational trends. The materials used by the various schools change with each passing school year so there is a need to keep up with these changes. By doing so, AHEAD’s materials remain fresh and up-to-date.”

The tutors and lecturers who attended the whole-day workshop participated in different activities, from lectures to hands-on exercises. Gatmaytan said, “This batch of trainees did particularly well and we expect to have another training session within the year with another batch.”

As the country’s leading tutorial and review center, AHEAD aims to deliver the best possible service to its clients. AHEAD pioneered the test-based review program for college entrance exams. It is dedicated to keeping its review materials as up-to-date as possible in order to provide its students the best learning experience. For inquiries, email

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