Of course you want only the best. It gives you the greatest return on your investment. It gives you the cutting edge in life. However, you seldom get the best on a silver platter.

You have to work hard for it. You don’t get it in one snap of a finger.

In recent years, unemployment rates have been on the rise. For future graduates, the prospects are not as rosy. And that’s why enrolling your child in a good university to get the best education has never been more important than it is today.

A good university will give your child the best network he will need after college. Enroll him in a university known for its strong business courses and your child will meet future entrepreneurs who can help him start his own business or find employment in a stable company.

Put your child is a university which develops critical thinking and he will learn to make sound decisions based on facts and reason when he joins the workforce.

Besides, busy personnel staff often take one look at the applicant’s resume and check the school where the applicant graduated from. Those who come from the country’s top three universities often get considered for hiring first. In fact, many prestigious companies send letters asking students of top universities to work with them even if they still have a semester to go before graduation.

Your child’s performance in the college entrance test will determine what university he will get into before he finally steps into the real world. It will be his passport, not only to a good job, but a bright future.

But these days, getting into a good university is difficult because so many students want to enroll there. And that’s why passing the UPCAT (UP College Admission Test), ACET (Ateneo College Entrance Test) and DLSUCET (De La Salle University College Entrance Test) is so important.

These college entrance exams quiz students on what they’ve learned from four years in high school. This is not exactly an easy proposition, and countless parents have stressed over how they could possibly help their children for perhaps, the most important test of their life.

Fortunately, there are now review centers to help your children get to the best universities.

“The key is to put him in a program that will help him develop his test-taking skills, learn things faster and better, and grasp concepts easier,”  says Ahead Tutorial and Review Center President Rossana Llenado. She adds that short, complete focused review from teachers that the student can be comfortable with is just as important.

The country’s most awarded tutorial and review center, Ahead distinguishes itself from other establishments through its test-based review program.

“Sample tests are based on actual questions and time limit that appear in the college entrance exams of the student’s preferred university,”  explains Llenado. For instance, students who want to enter UP are trained on UPCAT (UP College Admission Test) questions. Those who want to enter Ateneo get a separate kit for ACET (Ateneo College Entrance Test). Those eyeing De La Salle University get a kit on the DLSUCET (De La Salle University College Entrance Test).

Another factor that makes Ahead the best is that it gets excellent teachers from the top universities. These teachers have been once-upon-a-time students who took those exact entrance tests as well. They thus know what they are talking about.

And because Ahead wants to make sure that you also get the best from your investment, it gives important extras like speed reading and mind mapping lessons which, when taken separately would set you back by as much as P20,000.

Ahead also involves parents through a seminar and gives students valuable information about the country’s top universities. Course descriptions are also provided.

A review assistant is assigned to each class so the teacher can concentrate on the lessons and not on distributing materials and checking attendance. Review assistants also help motivate students to record their scores, which are sent to parents.

Ahead also offers refresher courses and tutorials to those who need more help. Some parents invest on educational plans. But when you think about it, investing in a good review program is better. The results are immediate. And you can see it, not just in your child’s grades, but in something more lasting – you can see it in the way he holds his head high and smiles warmly at you after he gets the good grades that he worked so hard for each day of the review.

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