fbmathappsThere’s really no need to feel intimidated by numbers, equations, and mathematical formulas. Math is more accessible and fun for the grade schooler with these apps that are enjoyable, interactive, and educational.


1 Math Bingo

Sharpen those math skills with this app presented in bingo format. Get a bingo marker when you answer an equation correctly. The faster you can solve the equations, the higher your score at the end of the game.  www.abcya.com


2 Math vs. Zombies

Zombies eat brains, and we all know plants can kill zombies. But this app strengthens your math skills and keeps the zombies from eating your brain by correctly answering each math question on the zombie’s head. Eight game levels cover lessons on addition, subtraction, and multiplication. It’s a real play and learn app that’s just as addicting as the original. www.taptolearn.com


3 Mystery Math Town

Tap your child’s inner Sherlock Holmes with this app that lets you use your math skills to unlock secret passages and rooms throughout the town. Aside from practicing your child’s addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills, it also teaches the young student to understand equations, number representations, and use critical thinking in analyzing problems and situations. www.mysterymathtown.com


4 Geoboard

Shapes, measurements, and fractions reveal a new dimension with this app that allows users to create line segments and polygons along with mathematical concepts that enrich their understanding of space, area, and more. www.mathlearningcenter.org/apps


5 Tiggly Chef: Preschool Math Cooking Game

Teach your child the joys of math as well as nurturing a love for good food and cooking. This app where you help Chef create dishes using newly learned math skills comes with a Tiggly Counts rubber toy that you place on the screen during playtime. The soft pads and rubberized material are safe for the screen and suitable for tiny fingers and small hands—bringing together digital learning and real life, giving new meaning to the term “practical application.” www.tiggly.com

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