There are countless tips and tricks on what every student should do on the first few days of school. What you’re not likely to read are things you shouldn’t be doing this school year. That is, if you want this school year to be your best one ever!

Start fresh! Make sure to avoid the following if you want to get better grades, achieve a higher class standing, and get on your way towards academic success:

1.   DO NOT be late. Most students aren’t too excited to get up bright and early in the morning. Some aren’t morning persons while others may have slept late the night before. But being late has a number of consequences. You may miss out on important announcements or, if you’re really late, miss part of the lesson. Teachers also tend to remember people who are always late for class—and may not look kindly on tardy students when grading season comes around.

DO: Set your alarm, avoid hitting snooze, and get to school on time. Enjoy each and every moment you’re in school. Apart from being a sign of respect, punctuality affirms your commitment to getting a good education.

2.   DO NOT chat up everyone during class. It’s been a long summer and you may have missed seeing your buddies every day. There is a time and place for everything. Catch up with your friends during recess or lunch breaks, not in the middle of class.

DO: Listen to your teacher and take down notes. Be curious and ask questions. If a lesson is not clear to you, ask your teacher to clarify. Keep in mind that you’re in school to learn. When exam time comes around, you will have an easier time reviewing lessons.

3.   DO NOT skip doing your homework. Yes, your school day is over and the only thing you want to do is lie down, watch a new series on Netflix, or check out the action on your social media accounts. School is over, right? Wrong! Doing homework is essential as it helps you remember lessons better and gives you a head start in class.

DO: Finish your homework religiously. Apply the same focus and energy when doing your homework as you would when accomplishing exercises in class. In the same way, exert the same excitement and enthusiasm to essays, projects, and experiments you perform off-campus. Doing so would certainly help you turn in good work and boost your standing in class.

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