Below are sample items on Language Proficiency, Logical Reasoning and Mathematics.


Language Proficiency

Identification of Errorschoose the letter of the word or phrase which makes the sentence wrong

Louise’s parents were disappointed in her because she told a lie after she promises to tell the truth.

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Logical Reasoning

cystitis: inflammation of the bladder
A. Lexical Definition
B. Persuasive Definition
C. Precising Definition
D. Stipulative Definition

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Kiera got an average of 89 in her 4 exams. What must her average be on her next 2 exams to get an over-all average of 92 on all her 6 exams?
A. 98
B. 96
C. 95
D. 90
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Answer: D
The promised truth-telling occurred before telling a lie. Both actions happened in the past, but to show the correct order of the events, (d) should have been ‘after he had promised to tell”.
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Answer: A
It is the dictionary meaning of the word.
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Answer: A
(89)(4)=2x = 92(6)
356 = 2x = 552
2x = 552 – 356
2x = 196
x = 98
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