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First Posted 07:50:00 07/28/2008
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On Aug. 2-3, around 70,000 students will take the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT).

Of the country’s premier universities that include Ateneo de Manila University and De La Salle University, the UP is reputedly the most difficult to get into because of the large number of students taking the UPCAT.

Here are some tips to students that may help them pass the UPCAT:

1. Prepare not only mentally but physically and psychologically. Always think that you can do it.

2. Go to the restroom before the test starts so you do not waste time during the test.

3. Check your seat as soon as you arrive. If you are left-handed, ask for a chair fit for a left-handed person. Ask for a change of seats if water is dripping on your head, the air-con is directly facing you, the sun is in your eyes or whatever else makes you uncomfortable.

4. Scratch paper will be provided. If you write extra big letters, you may need more scratch papers. Ask the proctor for more immediately.

5. Read the directions carefully.

6. Look over the exam and plan your strategy for answering it. Budget your time. For example, if a sub-test has 60 items and you are given 70 minutes to finish it, allot 60 minutes for answering and 10 minutes for checking and reviewing. See to it that you are answering one item per minute. If you are too fast, like three items per minute, you may be answering incorrectly.

7. All items have equal points even if others are harder to answer. Answer first the questions you think you know very well. Mark on your answer sheet the items you did not answer, but be sure to get back to them and erase the mark after you have answered.

8. Make intelligent guesses for questions you really do not know. Eliminate ridiculous choices.

9. If in the middle of the test you feel tired or sleepy, stand up and stretch.

10. Tests are not perfect. Do not waste your time pointing out to the proctor items you think have some kind of error.

11. Many proctors make unnecessary noises. Try to ignore them as much as possible.

12. Do not leave until the proctor says you can, even if half the group has already left. Use the extra time to review your answers.

Rossana Llenado, Contributor

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