Can you feel it in the air? Summer is coming!

For students, summer means sleeping and waking up late, no assignments, projects and strict teachers. It’s the perfect time to rest and hang out with friends. But this season is also a good time for the following summer activities:

1. Sports

Joining a basketball, volleyball, tennis or any other sports camp can have beneficial and long-term effects for children. Not only will it improve their physical strength, social and sportsmanship skills, the acquired love for the sport can also wake up their athletic dreams. Who knows? Your kid might be the next JeronTeng or Alyssa Valdez!

2. Learning a New Skill

Playing an instrument, riding a bike, singing and dancing: these are just some of the skills your kid can learn during the summer. To make the experience more memorable, you can be the one to teach him/her! But if you prefer a professional to teach your kid, there are several summer camps out there which offer lessons on singing, dancing, playing instruments and even baking and swimming.

3. Joining Charity Events

Helping others and sharing your blessings are always worthwhile activities regardless of the season; but it’s more special during the summer because you can do it with your kids! Doing this activity with your kids is very fulfilling as you will not only teach them generosity, you also get to help others. If you can’t find a charity event you can join, it’s relatively easy to organize your own. Besides, you can never run out of volunteers who are willing to give their time for a worthy cause. A simple feeding program or fundraising activity for the benefit of others can make a huge difference.

4. Travelling

Travelling is one of the most common summer activities because, who doesn’t like to travel? Taking your kids to a place they have never been before will surely make their summer vacation unforgettable. Whether your destination is abroad or local, what’s important is you are together and having fun.

5. Enrolling in Summer Advancement Programs

While some parents prefer that their kids spend the summer season away from school, some want to take advantage of this time to enroll their children in advancement programs and make sure they get ahead in academics. Enrolling your kid in advancement programs will give him/her a better chance to excel in school as these programs are designed to prepare them for the upcoming academic year.