In a profession where life and death decisions are made every single day, it is a must to get the best education possible. If your dream is to become the greatest living doctor in the universe, then studying in the world’s greatest medical schools is a non-negotiable.

According to the QS World University Rankings 2015, an annual publication ranking the world’s top universities based on academic reputation, employer reputation, and research impact, Harvard University, University of Oxford, and University of Cambridge are the top three medical schools in the world.

Harvard University

Located in Massachusetts in the United States, Harvard continues to dominate the field of education, proving time and again that it really is the best. This Ivy League school has a large and distinguished faculty to support its commitment to education, research, and clinical care. It has excelled in teaching the practice of medicine and bringing out the best in those who practice it for over two centuries.

University of Oxford

The Oxford University School of Medicine is second on the list. This university in the United Kingdom provides a well-rounded intellectual training with emphasis on the basic science research. Through the years, it has kept its student population small to provide students and staff a friendly, collegian atmosphere.

University of Cambridge

Last but definitely not the least is the Cambridge Medical School. Its scientific approach to medicine is complemented by a variety of programs which aim to develop the student’s clinical, communication, attitudinal, and practical skills. Its modern facilities and high quality training make it the top medical school in London.

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