1. A lot of readings

You thought college made you read a lot? That’s nothing compared to law school. Prepare yourself to read quickly and under pressure; your professors will give you overnight readings with a hundred pages, or two nights but for three hundred pages. The point is, you’ll be swimming in tons of readings, and if you don’t brace yourself, it won’t be much fun.

2. Strict professors

Keep in mind that your professors will be law professionals who have worked or are currently working in one of the most cutthroat industries there is. They will mold you to be the best of the best; obvious mistakes will not sit well with them. Remember that law school will require you to uphold yourself to a professional level. The self-discipline that you will acquire will be one of your biggest tools once you become a full-fledged lawyer.

3. Hellish schedules

As discussed in the first point, you’ll have a ton of readings. This will consume most of your free time. Prepare yourself to study anywhere from 8-5 hours a day and study some more before you sleep. It will be hell, but the rewards will yield heaven for you.

4. Recitations

Law school will require recitations to test whether you’ve understood your readings. Oral recitations will take the place of pop quizzes that you usually had in college. These bouts of mental meltdown will also help you with delivering your cases in the courtroom.

5. Sleepless nights

“Sleep is for the weak!” This was our motto back in college, but this motto won’t work for law school anymore. You’d find that now, sleep is for the strong. Sleep is for those who read fast and understand the cases with ease.

6. Coffee shops or study halls

Expect coffee shop hangouts to be a constant in your lives. Usually these shops are the ones that are open 24/7, with internet access, and a comfortable ambiance. You’ll spend most of your time out of class reading, so what better to do than to read in an environment that has all your basic needs and more? You will be thankful for these shops in the future, and you’ll develop your own signature drink as time moves forward.

7. Study-cations

Sometimes, we gain bravery and courage and take that fateful leap to go on vacation. Little did you know that responsibilities will follow you as you take the plunge into that cool pool, or as you lie in that comfortable bed, and maybe while you take that spoonful of your favorite food… Law will seep in and make you study during your vacations. Expect to bring your notes everywhere. In Baguio, Tagaytay, Ilocos, and even Japan, you’ll be insisting on bringing your notes.

8. Breaking down

Through everything, expect yourself to feel the pressure coming in from all sides. Expect the going to get rough, and expect your weaknesses to show. No matter how strong you think you are, we all have our breaking points, and law will push you towards it, but always remember that…

9. You’ll be a lawyer

Sure, law school will be one of the toughest periods of your life. Sure, you’ll have a hard time. What’s also sure is that if you persevere, and understand the cases properly, you will become a lawyer. Hang on, and you’ll be on top in no time. No time at all.


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