Summer Brain Drain, also known as “summer learning loss” or “summer slide” is what happens when students lose significant amount of what they have learned in school during summer vacation.

According to studies, kids forget as much as three months’ worth of learned knowledge in math and reading skills over the summer which prompt teachers to spend three to four weeks at the beginning of the school year re-teaching topics to remind the students of concepts that have already been previously discussed. What a waste of precious time!

So parents, if you want your kids to stay on top of their academic game, here are some activities you can do to keep your children from experiencing Summer Brain Drain:

  1. Take your kids to an educational tour.

One way to make your kids learn during the summer without sucking out all the fun is taking them to educational trips. You can go to a zoo, a planetarium ordifferent museums. Since children learn more from doing and seeing than hearing and reading, they will surely gain a lot of knowledge from these “tours.”

  1. Encourage your kids to come up with a journal.

Introduce your children to the concept of a journal or diary. Explain to them how fun it is to write about your day every day and read them after many years. Not only will your children likely develop a love for writing, it will also practice their vocabulary skills on a daily basis.

  1. Organize a children’s book club.

Children love stories, but they don’t always like reading. Unfortunately, Summer Brain Drain affects a kid’s spelling skills because they have fewer opportunities to practice while on break. If you can make your children love reading through a fun book club with their friends, you will be able to make them practice their spelling skills without even knowing it!

  1. Teach them to cook or bake.

Aside from learning a new skill, your children will also be able to practice their mathematical skills if you teach them how to cook or bake. Through these super fun activities, they get to measure ingredients and calculate the time. Plus, if you ask them to follow instructions from a recipe book, they will also get to practice their reading comprehensions skills.

  1. Enroll your children in summer enrichment programs.

There are various academic centers that offer tutorial and enrichment programs during summer vacation. These programs are a great opportunity to not only prevent summer brain drain but also keep your children ahead of others in school.

AHEAD offers center-based and online enrichment programs all year round to help students advance in critical areas such as math, science, reading comprehension, and English grammar.

Through these programs, learners acquire the skills to master their subjects in school and gain a competitive advantage over their classmates. This translates to increased participation in class discussions and overall scholastic improvement.

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