Consider yourself lucky if you already know what you want to be when you grow up. For most of the student population, things are not that easy. There comes a time when you want to do one thing then change your mind the next day. Fear not. It really happens.
Do not be afraid of changing courses because being satisfied in what you do for the rest of your life will play a big impact on your mental state. Being stuck in a job you hate just plain sucks. That is just real talk right there. So here are a couple of signs that you might need to shift to a different course.

Disinterest in core subjects
Each person is different. Each person dislikes different subjects. You may hate math but love English. However, if your course is math related and you have the urge to cut every math related subject you have, you may want to reconsider your course ASAP.

Excelling in and enjoying something else
Excelling in something is one thing but enjoying it at the same time is special. Be good at what you do and be happy about it is what life after school is all about. So if you find yourself enjoying something that is not related to your course, you might want to evaluate your options.Things are too difficult
There might come a point where you just find things too difficult for you. You got help, you consulted, but you still struggle. Perhaps the course you are in is just not for you. Take a step back and evaluate your options. You might just have a different calling.

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