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In the old days, it was common to hire the teenager next door or a teacher who had a lot of free time after class if you needed a tutor for your child. With the advent of the Computer Age, tutoring has joined the ranks of other online services that have mushroomed overnight.

Business has been good to say the least. Online tutoring is a booming industry and there is always a demand for people who will patiently teach students with problems in certain subjects. Parents also love the fact that with the large selection of online tutors, they can easily select the perfect one for their kids.

There are numerous advantages of online tutoring. First, it’s convenient. You don’t have to bring your kids elsewhere or rush home because the tutor will be arriving soon. All you need is a PC, a stable internet connection, and your child can start a video conference with the tutor anytime.

Since tutoring is done at the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to spend hours stuck in traffic or worry what to feed the tutor if he or she gets hungry from teaching your child.

Tutoring can be done at your preferred hours. You can say goodbye to parking fees, gasoline expenses, and missed appointments. What’s more, you can do other things while your kid is being tutored. This saves you time and money.

Your kid’s virtual tutor is no different from one who is physically present. He or she can teach your child anything. Of course, some subjects may be difficult to teach online than others, but, in general, online tutoring is a rewarding experience for both the teacher and the student.

What’s more, notes and assignments are stored digitally, so there’s no need to keep bulky books or spend money on paper and notebooks. Students are also less likely to misplace anything if it’s stored in the computer.

Lastly, online tutoring affords you the luxury of choosing your own instructor. Unlike in schools where what you see is what you get, you have the option to select your teacher. If you’re looking for someone with a sense of humor who likes science fiction movies or comics, you’re likely to find that person online. This makes the learning experience more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, like any other business, online tutoring has its share of bad eggs. There are scammers for sure who are out to get your hard-earned money, or worse, make your child’s life miserable. To avoid this and other pitfalls, choose a reliable online tutoring service that’s been in business for years and has a good record.

One good online tutor service provider is AHEAD Online that uses various strategies to help students learn better and faster. This multi-awarded online tutorial and review center offers a fully interactive mode of teaching via voice, video, whiteboard, and file sharing components.

Since 1995, AHEAD has given thousands of students a brighter future by means of its comprehensive diagnostic tests and review programs. It employs the best teachers from top universities to help students in the following: English Proficiency, IELTS Review, TOEFL Review, Academic Tutorials, Singapore Math, ACT Review, and SAT Review.

AHEAD is your child’s passport to a better education. It will not only improve his study habits, but increase his chances of being admitted to a good university where he can establish good connections, make lifelong friends, find gainful employment, or start a business.

Ensure a better future for your kid. Give him the academic edge he needs to succeed in today’s highly competitive world. Enroll him at AHEAD and see the difference. For more information, visit