Last October, the spooks of the quarterly exams and the excitement of the upcoming semesteral break was completely felt by our students.  Many students and even young professionals looked forward to that much-needed break to have some quality snooze and fun. However,before the AHEAD students could sleep and party all they want, they had to experience first the dreadful quarterly exams. So, how did our students fare in the exams? We conducted a mini survey to check. We asked the students to describe how their exams went in one word and below are their responses:


-Gr 1, Poveda

“Okay?” *smiles*

-Gr 4, Poveda


-Gr9, LSGH


-Gr12, Poveda

“Dead (inside).”

-Gr9, Poveda

“Over.” *laughs*

-Gr7, Poveda

Basically, each one of them was just glad that the exams were over and they could finally get a well deserved break. And we think they do, too.




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