Traveling is a great opportunity to take beautiful selfies and bond with family and friends. It is also an effective means to broaden one’s knowledge about various societies and cultures. Learning others’ customs and traditions is not only enlightening; it also teaches a traveler to respect foreign cultures and adapt to one’s surroundings. For a more enriching travel experience, be sure to:

  1.    Use Public Transportation

Taking public transportation such as buses and trains will enable a person to have a glimpse of the technological and economic state of the country, as well as the common values observed by the people. Immersing yourself with local passengers will help you see how locals treat others, perceive personal space, and behave in public. It is also interesting to compare your own customs with that of others.

  1.    Get Familiar with the Local Language

Learning basic foreign words will not only improve your language skills but will also create a more personal connection with the locals. Filipinos, for instance, feel ecstatic when their foreign idols say ‘Mahal Ko Kayo’ or ‘Mabuhay’ during concerts and other events. Not to mention, knowing the basics is a manifestation of smart traveling in which you are not ignorant about another country’s language.

  1.    Eat at Local Restaurants

Eating at local restaurants will not only satisfy your taste buds; it will also feed your mind. More than this, being knowledgeable of different cuisines will help you discover your preferences in terms of food. It will also enable you to grasp the similarities and differences among various dishes, making you a savvy eater.

  1.    Visit Museums

One excellent way to get to know the history of a country is to visit museums. In museums, you would grasp a nation’s struggles and triumphs, and make sense of present conditions. You would understand the reasons behind a country’s language, values, religion, symbols, and the like. Your tours would then be more worthwhile, since you are able to attach cultural meaning to your surroundings.

  1.    Ask!

To make the most of the trip, you should never be afraid to ask your tour guide. Questions lead to understanding and may even deepen your fascination for a country. Do not forget that tour guides are there to enlighten the tourists and answer inquiries. Traveling, after all, is an opportunity to learn new things while on summer vacation.

Bon Voyage!

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