College Exam Test (CET) season, is admittedly a time of great stress. Us students feel great pressure to do well because we feel that these tests are going to dictate the rest of our lives. This often leads us to great psychological and physical stress. As someone who has gone through (and survived) CET season, here are some of the ways I cared for myself during that time.

1. Pace the Review

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Reviewing is of course a big part of preparing for the CETs. Tests often cover topics from all of the four years of high school, so it is important to go back and make sure that one still remembers them. This could lead to one being overwhelmed with all the topics, and be tempted to spend all their free time studying, but this is not healthy. One needs time for themselves too, and your brain can only take up so much information in one sitting. This is why it is important to pace yourself. If you do something like set up a study calendar, you’re able to study what you need to while still giving yourself your needed “me time.”

It is of course also important, if you haven’t yet, to find the best way that you personally study best, ensuring you’re able to study as effectively as you can.

Those who are able often opt to take review classes in review classes in order to be able to ascertain and have better focus on the material that will be covered by the CETs. Review classes also offer practice tests that simulate the time and environment of the CETs, so those who go are able to have a better grasp of what to expect in the exam room.

However, some still study on their own, even outside of review classes. This is a good idea, but not the day before (or the day of) the test. It may seem like a good idea, but it is important to give yourself time to relax and your brain to fully absorb the information you’ve been learning.

2. Get Sleep

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This may seem obvious, but an essential part of self care is making sure you get enough sleep. Sleeping is how your brain moves information from short term memory to long term memory, which is essential to make sure you don’t forget all the information you have worked so hard to learn.

Not getting enough sleep may also lead to you felling groggy, which could lead you to misread a question and answer wrongly, or worse, fall asleep during the test! (This actually happened to someone I know.) The worst, of course, is ending up sick because sleep lowered your immune system, which could lead to you missing the test altogether.

3. Eat

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While reviewing, you may opt to eat food shown to help improve memory and concentration to help you through, like apples and dark chocolate. You may even opt to bring some to the actual test to much on, if needed.

During the test, make sure you eat beforehand to ensure that you are able to focus on the test and not a growling stomach.

4. Take Breaks and Relax

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As mentioned earlier, it is important to take breaks while studying for the CETs to better retain information. However, it is also important to take breaks when you feel the need to. It is important to listen to your body and not force it past it’s limits. You are not a machine. CET season is a marathon, and you have to stop when you need to in order to finish in the best shape possible.

Before the test, relaxing will undoubtedly help you ace the CETs. Having a clear mind allows you to focus on the test and have better recall of the topics you reviewed.

Remember the CET results don’t dictate your entire future. No matter the results, it’s always going to be your hard work that will help you get to where you want to be.

Good luck!

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