College Entrance Test Supplementary Review

The AHEAD College Entrance Test Supplementary Review is a series of subject-specific supplementary sessions to help boost your scores in challenging areas, including Math, Science, and Essay Writing.

It is highly recommended for AHEAD college entrance test review students, who scored 55 percent and below in their diagnostic or simulated tests.

A. Supplementary Science Review

This eight-hour review program is designed to help you re-learn and further enhance your understanding of the concepts of Science, with emphasis on General Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
Total Number of Hours: 8

Session Number of Hours Topic
1 4 General Science and Biology
2 4 Chemistry and Physics


B. Supplementary Math Review

This 12-hour review program is designed to boost your knowledge and increase test scores. It includes practice tests and provides effective test-taking tips. Subjects to be covered include Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry.
Total Number of Hours: 12

Session Number of Hours Topic
1 4 HS I Coverage – Arithmetic
2 4 HS II Coverage – Algebra
3 4 HS Ill – Geometry & Trigonometry


C. Essay Writing Enrichment Class

If you would like to further enhance your writing skills and increase your chances of gaining admission to the Ateneo de Manila University, then this Essay Writing Enrichment Class is for you! This intensive four-hour class offers various tips and exercises to help you gain confidence in your essay writing skills.

Total Number of Hours: 4

Session Number of Hours Topic
1 4 Essay Writing Enrichment




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