Every class is composed of different individuals with distinct and unique personalities that when mixed together, creates a dynamic setting for learning. Once in a while, having so many characters in one place can be problematic; but admit it or not, a classroom will just not be complete without these favorite classmates of ours.

jock-aheadThe Jock

Every class has at least one athlete that acts all cool and popular even inside the classroom. Most girls are secretly or not-so-secretly swooned by his effortless jock aura that radiates even from afar. These guys can be seen playing and being rowdy during break times. They also seem to see an invisible hoop or playground. At times, the jocks can look really bored during class hours. You can also see that they would rather be in the court.

joker-aheadThe Class Joker

This guy can effortlessly crack the whole class up with a single stint or punchline. It’s like they are born to make people laugh. Although sometimes, he does so at inappropriate times like when everyone is being reprimanded. They make the class light and fun. However, they are also sometimes a pain for the teachers to handle, especially considering that they have a different sense of humor.

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